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I highlighted the logic in my previous post. There are quite a lot of people who agree that Xbox 360/PS3/Wii U level of hardware was the final step for gameplay improvements and even then it was limited first and foremost to the open world genre, because most other genres weren't benefiting anymore from leaps in processing power. A non-open world example where it still mattered is Dead Rising with its large amount of enemies on screen at once.

While I agree with your point, you are wrong. 

There is one hell of improvements to be made with modern hardware. Game studios just ignores that because many gamers are only interested in shiny objects and not the actual content. 

There is a lot to be explored with better AI or even ML on enemies in games that simply isn’t an option on older HW. There just isn’t any focus on it. 

Think BotW, with a dynamic world that changes depending on your play style. Also no two persons saves would have enemies and a world that behaves the same because no two persons have the exact play style.