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Nintendo has said before that they don't like just buying studios wholesale, not unless they have already partnered with them for a while and are confident that all the developers and teams want to work with Nintendo. They also tend to go for smaller studios and only purchase them after a couple years of exclusive games: Retro Studios, Monolith Soft, and Next Level games. The most likely studio for Nintendo to buy next is Mercurysteam given the work they've put in on Luigi's Mansion and Metroid. Nintendo's 'Cash on Hand' assets are big enough ($16.37B) for them to buy any number of Japanese companies, but I doubt they would. They already corner the market in Japan and so 3rd parties with a focus in Japan will have to develop for them if they want to stay competitive.

However, if they were going to buy a bigger company I think Sega would be a smart move. Sonic fits right in with the classic Nintendo profile and they've been his strongest platform for sales for years now iirc. Plus it would bring in Atlus which is a studio on the rise as Persona and SMT are increasing in popularity. Yakuza would also come with the deal and aside from being a fun series, it would fill a vacant niche in Nintendo's typical line-up.