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Hynad said:
EricHiggin said:

The best argument would have to be, religion is bad because some of it is unproven, therefore it's harmful and useless, while science, especially gain of function, is helpful and useful, even though some of it is unproven.

Religions are bad when they attempt to impose themselves onto others. Otherwise, they’re ways to live one’s life morally and with principles within a community of like-minded people. And that’s been proven to be good for most people’s mental health (being part of a community).

And please, do not confuse beliefs with religions.

Religion is a somewhat indoctrinated way of living your life.

Belief is to adhere to a certain unproven interpretation of something without it necessarily affecting the way you live your life.

I don't believe I said anything about beliefs.

Many things are somewhat indoctrination. Some good, some bad, some a mix.

Sometimes belief does affect your life, and others. Those tend to be the worst cases of it.