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Kakadu18 said:
Leynos said:

Good point. The spinoffs and then games like Phantom Hourglass are much worse. Hourglass was so bad I blocked it out of my mind until now.

Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures and Triforce Heroes aren't spinoffs. And Jesus fucking Christ what is it with people hating on Phantom Hourglass!?

Because it's garbage. Shitty controls and revisiting that one dungeon over and over sucked balls. Nintendo was masturbating themselves with the stupid touch screen controls ruining so many games. Prime Hunters,Zelda,Mario 64 DS all suck for the horrible awkward controls. Hourglas more so for just repeating the worst Zelda dungeon ever so many times. Gave up on that game,sold it never looked back.  Nintendo is capable of making Bad Zelda games and that is their worst.  Triforce and such are spinoffs. No one looked at those and said ah yes the next mainline Zelda is coming. It's a sub series within Zelda.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!