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Chrkeller said:
Otter said:

Maybe now people will understand why I kept arguing that Elderscrolls being exclusive is not a given based on MS's pattern of behaviour and past statements on their big aquisitions... or do people now expect COD to also skip PS5 this year?

I expect exactly that.  MS is going after US market hard with their acquisitions.  Clearly a western focus and I expect a number of exclusives as a result.

We will see, but what needs to be understood is that MS is interested in Money and its money comes from sales of games and subscriptions to its services. I imagine they will seek to maximise both. Exclusivity is not necessity in order to do that, in fact its a hindrance. What I do expect will be exclusive is Xbox being the only place where you can play all COD games for $15 a month on release (+exclusive content/marketing/Spinoffs etc)

Edit: Its one thing to expect a number of exclusives, another to expect mainline COD to be that exclusive

Last edited by Otter - on 18 January 2022