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src said:
aTokenYeti said:

So the Series consoles have been on the market a bit over a year now. According to the VGChartz charts tool, the Series consoles are sitting at 6.14 million consoles in North America, 3.65 million in Europe, and 0.13 million in Japan. If we assume another 8 year console cycle, and one of those years is out of the way, and we also assume the Series consoles sell at roughly the same clip that they are now, that would put the Series consoles at around 43 million North America, 25 million EU, and 900k Japan.

Those numbers will fluctuate of course. I think 900k in Japan would be extremely optimistic, and 25 million in Europe again would be a tall task. But 43 sounds about right for North America. My predictions

NA: 45
Europe: 20
JP: 500k
Rest of world: 12 million (I am assuming about double what the Xbox one did for this category)

Total: 77.5. Which is more or less my original 80 million guess. I think this is doable

These numbers are all wrong.

There is no way XS sells 45M in NA when the 360 sold 42M in USA. XB1 going from 6M in EU to 25M is hilarious.  

The I said North America, not the US, and in North America the Xbox 360 sold 49 million units. We have also seen much more substantial sales rebounds in certain regions for other consoles before, so Xbox going from 6 million to 20 million in Europe wouldn’t be unprecedented or outlandish. The PS5 is currently outselling the Series consoles almost exactly 2:1 in Europe, and 9th generation finishing with 40 million PS5s and 20 million Xbox Series consoles in Europe seems completely plausible to me