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aTokenYeti said:
SegaHeart said:

Bolded 1 , definitely , I'm scared to pay to upgrade my PC , I want 4k native and 120fps but the Xbox Series X seems more friendly on pricing there.

Bolded 2, Europe is playstation land It's impossible and I think europe likes japanese games more so than America which Xbox will always lose to europe . Europe loves Final Fantasy which Square said nope to Xbox version of Final Fantasy 16 or 7 remake , and Persona series aint coming to Xbox another blow Xbox won't get Europe , and other things that europe players prefer on PS5 over Xbox series.

Bolded 3 , Japanese AA and A games not being on Xbox doesn't excite me If I'm a Otaku player from anywhere around the world I'd choose Playstation 5 , Switch would be second because Switch doesn't have Persona 5 royal nor Final Fantasy series abit anime It's there well  the hair cuts and JRPG .

My own thought here I think many unique games like DJ max(Anime with DJ tunes addicting game) , Guilty Gear Strive , Several Fighting games like Millionth Arthur , Gran Blue fantasy versus will stay Playstation forever they are like Japanese versions of Housemarque developers of returnal so no ports on Xbox or Switch , they kneel to Sony . and dont care for neither Xbox or Switch. I love Dj max Respect on PS4 by Rocky Studios totally PLaystation favoritism which I admire.

I remember reading somewhere that in France in particular Japanese games and culture are extremely popular 

Yes, that's why manga and anime as well as Nintendo games are extremely popular in France.