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darthv72 said:
Norion said:

Also I'm curious, why did you get 17 PS4's?

I love collecting the variants, special editions and themed systems. Same with controllers.

Good, sell me a working unit for $100 bucks.  Been looking at used and people are asking $300 to $400 used (with a couple controllers and a handful of games typically). I'm probably about to spend $350 on Pro, 2 controllers, and 11 games.  I'm just butt hurt because I bought the kids a PS4 2 Christmases ago new for $200.  They were wrecking my Darth Vader PS4 so I replaced it and put it in my office.

edit - If it weren't for losing my library (400 ish games) I'd think about a Series S  for now I'll just keep taking the PS4 from the living room into my office each night and get bitched at when I forget to return it the next day (GF uses it for streaming in the living room despite the TV doing Netflix, Vudu and Youtube and the Switch doing Hulu).  Call me stupid but she was about to pay scalper prices for a PS5 and i had to talk her out of it.

As for the topic at hand, it is good news but it will be too late to help me out.  Hopefully they don't sell well and i can buy another one new for $200 and stash it away (doubt it but here's to hoping).

Last edited by The_Yoda - on 13 January 2022