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CGI-Quality said:

Not that anything is final, but things will most likely end up like this…..

Upvoting article comments will remain (perks included). Forum Likes and article extra power (perk) downvoting will be axed. I’ve read/heard plenty of the issues, talked with the mod team and several admins and it is looking like the best course of action.

I disagree with the idea of removing forum likes because getting alot of them gives me a dopamin rush. Is this a valid argument?

But no seriously, I've given plenty of comment on the first page of this thread likes. No way in hell would I quote all of them and say: "I agree". It's been a few weeks already. Likes are way more effective like that. Sometimes it just tells me that the people who upvoted the comment actually read through it and didn't just ignore it.

It seems like many people think that the likes lead to people not answering. I personally wouldn't answer regardless.

That said: I do not agree.