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Shiken said:
DonFerrari said:

That can be true for the last couple months perhaps. But Series S been readily available in a lot of places for several months now, and during the same period we had like Japan numbers and some other places showing 1/3 of the Series shipped were series S.

As I live in the US, that is the country I am speaking for.  I cannot comment outside of that, as I like to go off of 1st hand experiences.  And the case here is that there are more Series S consoles in circulation than the PS5 and XSX, as both of them are sold out but the Series S is selling more despite being available on store shelves.  There can only be one explaination for that, and lack of appeal isn't it.

If there is no PS5 or Series X available (we can see PS5 November and December numbers) then it would be hard for them to outsell Series S in the month that whatever is available is likely so sell.

I have seem the USA comments here, and Series S have been readily available for several months already and still wasn't able to make Xbox the best seller.

Actually lack of appeal is the only answer possible, because if it had so much appeal, with it being the only system available it would be selling out instead of being readily available for several months.

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