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Mnementh said:

You use a Catra avatar, shouldn't that answer your question? Catra is in the show in a place, where nothing makes sense, where she feels like her life is pointless or worse damaging, like there is nothing for her than hurt feelings. She is accepting death, not caring anymore. Yet, she gets rescued, and although it is hard and involves a lot of hurt feelings, she finds a place there things are worth it. And that is independent of Adora, she finds that place in herself, if you look close enough.

I could even point to Shadow Weaver. All her life she only sought security by power through manipulating others. In the last minutes whe finds value and meaning in her life by helping her adopted children.

I personally had problems as a child. I was always an outsider, had no friends. Starting to become an adult was a horrifying outlook, how to find a place for myself. But surprisingly it worked all out. Not in an instant, it took years and things improved slow and gradually. The key was finding acceptance of myself. As a child I tried to shed being an outsider by trying to fit in. But becoming an adult I stopped that and started to find value within myself. Yes, I find still enough flaws with myself, but at the core I accepted who and what I am.

Start find the sides of yourself you love. Try not to judge yourself from the view of others, but strive to be your true self. And love that true self. Yes, we all have dark sides we hate, but embrace it. If you can, you can try to become better, but often it just is enough that you are a flawed human like everyone else. And that you can love yourself, with all your flaws. That all is slow and there are always dark days, but there is also always a tomorrow.

Yeah, I do things like that to try and help myself in as far as I can. I use Catra avatars a lot because she's a character I relate to a lot and I know how things turned out for her. Of course, that's a cartoon and not real life, but nonetheless it's me trying to remind myself to accept myself and believe that there is hope, and not just for others.