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Microsoft's data may be the most difficult of all to go through. Here's what their 2020 information looks like:

More Personal Computing

Revenue increased $2.6 billion or 6%.

• Windows revenue increased $1.9 billion or 9%, driven by growth in Windows Commercial and Windows OEM. Windows Commercial products and cloud services revenue increased 18%, driven by increased demand for Microsoft 365. Windows OEM revenue increased 9%, ahead of PC market growth. Windows OEM Pro revenue grew 11%, driven by Windows 7 end of support and healthy Windows 10 demand, offset in part by weakness in small and medium businesses. Windows OEM non-Pro revenue grew 5%, driven by consumer demand from remote work and learn scenarios.

• Surface revenue increased $457 million or 8%, driven by increased demand from remote work and learn scenarios.

• Gaming revenue increased $189 million or 2%, driven by an increase in Xbox content and services, offset in part by a decrease in Xbox hardware. Xbox content and services revenue increased $943 million or 11% on a strong prior year comparable, driven by growth in Minecraft, third-party titles, and subscriptions, accelerated by higher engagement during stay-at-home guidelines. Xbox hardware revenue declined 31%, primarily due to a decrease in volume and price of consoles sold.

• Search advertising revenue increased $112 million or 1%. Search advertising revenue, excluding traffic acquisition costs, was relatively unchanged.

Operating income increased $3.1 billion or 24%.

• Gross margin increased $3.0 billion or 12%, driven by growth in Windows, Gaming, and Surface. Gross margin percentage increased, due to sales mix shift to higher margin businesses and gross margin percentage improvement in Gaming.

• Operating expenses decreased $119 million or 1%, driven by the redeployment of engineering resources, offset in part by charges associated with the closing of our Microsoft Store physical locations and investments in Gaming.


They split up based on revenue but merged on operating income lol.