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zero129 said:
Zippy6 said:

Because the people wanting change are the people more likely to post. I voted no, I didn't make a post in this thread before now. That doesn't make my opinion less valid.

Don't get annoyed because the poll doesn't reflect your desired outcome and now claim it's being manipulated. The majority do not want downvotes to go. 

Thats not true. Everyone wants them to be removed across threads you see people complaining about the broken down vote system that VGChartz has.

The only people who have posted in here to keep the down votes is people who have supporter status and clearly they are not going to want change.

But something is going to have to change as the system is just broke and giving supporters twice the voice or more of none supporters with such a small pool of active users is clearly a broken system and this site is one of the only ones that seems to have this system in place.

I think if a mod can remove the vote count from the top and have the people voting for it to be kept to have to post in this thread would be much better and a much clearer picture as i bet the amount of posts from users for it to be removed will far out number the clone accounts thats clearly manipulating the pull.

Its clear something is going to change and instead of you guys being so against it maybe give answers to how it can be fixed like VAMatt has been doing.

He is the only supporter in this thread that i have not seen give their own childish comments or cry about it being removed etc and instead has been trying to give his opinion on how it should be fixed.

Not a supporter and voted no.  Like someone else that got 7 up votes, I had little desire to post in this thread but I see nothing wrong with the down vote system. The only reason I'm even posting is to try to put your mind at more ease.  You seem to think the that the posters vs people replying to the thread being off is evidence of some sort of manipulation.  I could be wrong but I just don't see anyone caring enough about the issue to manipulate the poll.

I read a fair amount of the articles (when I'm here which has been less and less the last couple years) and never really seen this bombing of posts in articles.  Could be happening, but is it really that big an issue?

Also for the record I don't care that supporters get extra votes.  If I really cared I'd become a supporter to even the playing field.