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I am probably one of the people here who has gaming opinions that are fairly out of sync with the general population and so I thought that I would share my thoughts on this. If this were a question of whether or not to introduce article down-voting that wasn't previously present, I would say no. Up+down-voting makes sense in political discourse but if it's just a person's opinion on something like gaming, up-voting only like what we have on the main forum is more than enough. A person's tastes in gaming are often a lot more personal than something like a political opinion where you are generally on one side of the aisle or the other and the down-voting feature kind of discourages complete honesty in favor of saying something that is popular with the crowd (unless you have really thick skin, which I do not).

That said, the up-voting and down-voting has been a feature in the articles ever since I first started frequenting this message board in 2014 and this community has kind of evolved around it. You kind of expect that your opinions are going to be heavily scrutinized if you post in that part of the message board and there are plenty of other places you can post your opinions if you want to have a bit less judgment. As a result, I would probably lean in favor of just leaving it as it is currently. No need to change something that isn't broken in my view.

That said, a change that I would recommend considering is having a person's posts in the articles count towards their total post count.  I think that members should get the same reward for posting there as in the main message board.

Last edited by Illusion - on 31 December 2021