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Ryuu96 said:
Machina said:

I've gradually come to agree with paragraphs 1, 2, and 4.

I disagree with 3, partly for the reason you gave and also because I don't want to remove even more perks. Besides, if downvotes were removed then I don't think it'd be such a big deal, Supporters having extra *positive* voting power.

My issue is that I think it creates a broken and uneven system, I don't believe anyone should have extra voting power simply because they paid some money, it sorta says that their voice matters more and it causes an inaccurate representation of the VGChartz community when they have that much voting power.

But I do understand it's likely a enticing perk which causes sign ups and I don't want to hurt the Staffs pay, so I would be willing to accept extra upvoting power, cause at least that leans towards a positive direction which VGChartz could do with, Lol. What do you think about Zero's suggestion which is essentially that but a limited amount of extra upvotes per week depending on the tier?

Also I think we can all agree that hiding comments should be removed, for the reasons mentioned in this thread and simply because it's a bit tedious, Lol. Wasn't the original reason for hiding comments mainly due to hiding spambots until a mod dealt with them anyway? Nowadays we barely have any spambots.

derpysquirtle64 said:

I have to kinda disagree on this one. If someone has nothing to say except for basic "Yeah, I agree", then it won't hurt discussion in any way. The simple post of "Yeah, I agree" doesn't really add to discussion much. So, having an upvote button is nice because it helps to keep the threads clean from such basic posts. And if someone wants to go in detail, then nothing really prevents them to quote and post detailed opinion in addition to upvoting the post

Maybe, I do agree it keeps threads clean of those useless posts but there have been times where I've thought about replying in detail to a comment and instead decided to just slap a like on it cause it's easier/lazier, I even almost did it in this thread, Lol, so I'm just curious if others do the same, does it lean more towards stopping basic "I agree" or does it lean more towards stopping "I agree, for..." posts.

But not really an issue right now I would say.

Well, people having money and having more voting power is like broken Governments,much like the US. So no surprise it's made it to small scale like these forums. It's complete horseshit but the world is corrupt.

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