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Could but most likely won`t.

Talking about piracy, with multiplayer that isn`t as common anymore in Brazil, plenty of legitimate stores now. Also not to disappoint you, but houses here are quite big, probably bigger than most average europe and japanese houses, and well most of the piracy occurs in the developed world, where were the pirated chips made, the p2p sites hosted the programs made, etc?

I would say perhaps you have a very strong bias view based on your own life experiences.

PS: Not to take a potshot at you, but your line of thought is very similar to the one of the MS executives saying Xbox One could sell 1 Billion units.

It isn't just because you are going to a place with more population that you'll really sell there. Consoles have been selling on China over 1 Billion population but sales number are smaller than in Japan if I do remember it right.

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