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EricHiggin said:
zero129 said:

Why do you want Sony to charge 249 a year instead what gp is offering?...

Same reason I prefer more palatable restaurants vs fast food. A Big Mac here and there, but otherwise I'll pay more for what I deem better quality.

Now if a nice restaurant can offer the same quality for fast food prices, I'm all for it, but that's highly unlikely for many reasons.

Here you go with the food analogies again lol. Are you really saying Xbox Game Studios/GP this year have been comparable to fast food when games like Flight Sim=90 meta, Psychonauts 2=87, Age of Empires IV=81, Forza Horizon 5=92(highest rated new game this year), Halo Infinite=87 have all reviewed very well? Looks like the fast-food restaurant has beat out fine dining restaurant this year .