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padib said:
Mandalore76 said:

Not to mention the fact that Breath of the Wild has been the strongest selling title in the history of the franchise, and the Switch has been selling like a beast for over 4 years without even needing a pricecut.  In this instance, Nintendo actually had the incentive to not rush out a sequel within a couple of years.  If Nintendo stands firm that the Switch is at the midpoint of its lifecycle, it makes more sense to have held Breath of the Wild 2 back a bit to be a sales driver for the 2nd half of that lifecycle.

Good points, but also if it is the mid-cyle, and Zelda is still to be considered a pillar for a launch period, we could see BotW2 as the pillar for the srart of the 2nd cycle, and I am pretty sure Nintendo would not want to lose any momentum either as of next year when the bell curve inevitable starts bending down. So Nintendo would need to buck the trend and BotW2 would be their best candidate. It's a highly popular franchise for them right now.

Yes, that's the gist of what I was saying.  Release it now as the sales driver for the rest of Switch's lifecycle, rather than 2 years ago when it wasn't as needed from that perspective.