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Before Nintendo revised their forecasting down from 25.5 mil. to 24 mil. I predicted 2021 with 26.5 mil. sell-through (I thought Nintendo was lowballing with 25.5. mil. shipped, and it's also calendar year vs. fiscal year) and 22.5 mil. for 2022. After the revision, I predict 25 mil. for 2021 (still think Nintendo is lowballing) and 24 mil. sell-through for 2022.

It's a bit cheap but I just added the lost 1.5 mil. because of chip-shortages to 2022, that's why my new prediction for 2022 is actually higher than before. Ultimately, it depends on how big the chip shortages will be in 2022. Also, calendar vs. fiscal year is always confusing for me, although, my predictions are made for the calendar years, my mind actually thinks more in line with Nintendo's fiscal years and reports and so I guess my prediction resembles more fiscal years.