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It's hitting saturation soon, I think. Plus it doesn't have a revision that entices original buyers enough to buy a newer version. The OLED is great for new people, but only the most hardcore of hardcore will buy it if they already own a functioning original Switch. Plus with the new Covid variant factories will once again be losing production capabilities as companies won't want disease to spread (no matter how lethal or not it is, people freak out about everything now). Count on the media to keep focusing on Covid, increasingly, leading up to the 2022 Midterms. Ideally I wouldn't have to bring up politics in this thread, but politics can absolutely impact production capabilities, so I'm sticking with my 15-18 million prediction and wagered 700 made up VGChartz currency on it.

I plan to buy a made up island with my winnings. It will have a ski resort at the top of the half dormant/half covered in snow volcano with a Blue slope leading all the way down to the beach and a ramp that let's you get some mad air jumping into the ocean before gently landing on the Black Pearl and having 30 variations of identical Jack Sparrows amusing you with their counterproductive chatter and actions.