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Hi everyone, it has been a while since I did one of these. Please let me know if you enjoy them or find them useful so that I keep doing them. 

This is a special one, looking at the PS5 year 1. It has been 12 months and there is plenty to look at:

Here is the Profile:

Key Highlights:

1) PS5 basically reached the WiiU lifetime sales. 

2) The PS5 is outselling all consoles except the Switch after 12 months.

3) The PS5 was able to surpass the 3DS Year 1 sales, the last few months made all the difference.

4) The PS5 was able to withstand very good months by the Wii in order to stay ahead of it. 

5) The PS5 had the 3rd best October Year1 of all time (1.1M), only surpassed by the PS4(1.4M) and Wii (1.34M).

6) Next month seems a bit tough, as shortages could really limit how many consoles can the PS5 sell. the 3M record by the NS seems out of reach. The PS4 had (2.3M) and the Wii had (2.1M) both could be reachable if it has great black friday sales.

Going deeper into the first year sales, lets take a look at the monthly comparison between PS5 and NS:

As you can see, the PS5 had fantastic numbers from May until October. After aligning it by month (1=Jan). then we can see that the PS5 started below the NS but in September it was actually out pacing the NS. Only by taking into account the first December for both consoles is that the NS was able to outsell the PS5 year 1.

Looking at the All time Record table, the PS5 has placed its mark on two distinct months:

PS5 now holds the best September and November Year1. 

The NS has set 3 records for Year 5 already, including the best October of any console on any year. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed these graphs, have a great day!