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"Cut Bayonetta" - Not gonna happen. She's damn near 1st party at this point. As close as you could get without Nintendo outright owning the IP. She and Sonic are the only two 3rd party characters I think are completely safe. 

"Replace with Shantae" - This is even less likely. I would love to see Shantae get a spot on the roster, but if she's gonna take someone's spot, it ain't gonna be Bayonetta's.


"Cut Hero" - Japan would like a word with you.

"Replace with Zero" - They're not gonna do that when we already have Mega Man as the ideal rep. They're just going to keep him as an Assist Trophy and a Mii Fighter costume.


"Cut Steve" - Oh good luck with that one. Given how big Minecraft is and how big of a deal his inclusion was, I think there's a bigger chance he stays than goes.

"Replace with Waluigi" - FUCK NO! FFS, what is people's infatuation with Waluigi?!? He's a useless sack of crap! I'd rather see Captain Toad get in over Waluigi, at least he does something!


"Cut Sora" - This is one of the few I agree with. Nothing against Sora as a fighter or character, I like him just fine. But given the shit Nintendo and Sakurai had to go through with Disney just to get him in, I'm thinking that this is a "one and done" type deal. Sorry, Sora fans.

"Replace with Isaac" - Only way I see that happening is if they are making a new GoldenSun game, which I highly doubt. If anything, this would be the spot that Shantae would take in order to get into Smash. 


"Cut Terry"

"Replace with Dixie Kong"

Sure why not.


"Cut Kazuya"

"Replace with Black Shadow"

Who? OH YEAH, that dude from F-Zero. Yeah, much like GoldenSun, the only way that happens is if they make a new F-Zero game, which the chances of that happening are next to none.


"Cut Cloud"

"Replace with Urbosa"



"Cut Sephiroth"

"Replace with Ghirahim"

You got something against Square Enix or something?



"Replace with Dr. Eggman" - Give him Waluigi's invitation if you want him in that bad! But you leave Joker ALONE!!!!