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There are signs this could be a disappointing holiday for the new consoles due to stock issues but it's still early so a bit more waiting till black friday week to get a much clearer picture is needed.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:

Has "PS5 D0M3D" already been said?

Well, since you requested it, "the PS5 will sell less than 80m lifetime".  That's not really doomed, but a lot of Sony fans are really sensitive about any drop in sales from the PS4.

I agree with the latter but expecting the PS5 to do worse than the PS3 is a very unrealistic prediction. Could you post a yearly sales breakdown? Considering the PS5 will be at around 19m by the end of this year I wonder what you expect it to sell in the next few years to end up at around 75m.