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Kakadu18 said:
Zippy6 said:

Nintendo should divert more stock of the standard switch from EU to USA. Switch is always in stock in Europe (not oled).

Amazon UK has it's black friday offers up right now and it's still not sold out here.

The Mario Kart bundle is sold out on Amazon Germany already.

£270 here for Switch + MK8 + 3 months online + Rayman Legends (RRP of Switch is £260) on Amazon UK. Amazing deals but not sold out while other places are selling out even without deals, so they should be sending more stock elsewhere not the UK.

I imagine it'll have to sell out in the UK with a few more days though with deals like that, just surprised it's taking so long with BF deals while America etc are having stock issues before deals even happen.

So I feel like other countries have been screwed on the amount of units they've been given relative to demand.

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