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padib said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

I didn't even vote on week 6, because it's just too hard to know how much Nintendo will stock. However, week 7 will include Pokemon. Surely Nintendo will send out a bigger shipment with that, right?

I hope so, but unless they prepared reserve stock in advance it seems like they are reacting to demand so it's hard to predict if their capacity increased. Given the short timeframe of these events I would speculate that they didn't have enough time to predict for week 7 and are still catching up, perhaps ramping up production but that kind of change can take time. We'll see! :)

Here are the vote results for week 6

I'm going to guess that week 7 is going to be severely supply constrained against Friday's launch of pokemons Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. I'll go with an absolute emptying of stock at 750k. (my start prediction was 900k)

Someone cheated, there was only 1 vote on 500-550k when I made my post after the numbers had already been released. xD

As for next week, 600-650k is my guess. But it could be higher, it's hard to know how much pokemon will raise sales, and how high sales can be raised based on stock.

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