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I don't hate gamepass. It's just not for me. I don't play a whole bunch of games at a time. At the moment I'm playing Tomb Raider I. The original from 1996. Just finished it today after 4 weeks and paid 0,99 € for it on steam. Even if the game is available on game pass, that would have been a whole lot more expensive.

Plus I don't like the idea of losing access to all of my games the moment I stop paying the monthly fee. And while I have used game pass 2 or 3 times in the past, there was always some game thet fell out of the service and it just so happened to be a game I was currently playing. It was some Wolfenstein game I believe and just recently River City Girls. That's just a big bummer, I can never know if and when a certain title will be available.

Lastly, I just don't like the Windows Store. It's always such a hassle. One time I forgot to delete a game before a new installation of windows. It was downright impossible to delete the game afterwards because of DRM bullshit. I had to format the whole drive. On the laptop from my son, the Windows store just stopped working altogether and so did gamepass because it's dependent on the store. So I had to buy Flight Simulator from steam, because he loves that game. Works flawlessly. Games on steam are just way way better. I'll pay extra for the convenience there any day.

So while game pass sure is great for people who like to play a bunch of recent titles and Microsoft exclusives, it's just not for everyone.

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