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Mnementh said:

You all really need to step up your guesses. With King's Bounty II also staying unguessed, the unguessed games are threatening to outnumber the guessed ones.

#41: The newest entry in this long-running franchise adds a lot of mobility. This includes more verticality, which also is reflected in the name. Guessed by Supermario28.

#40: Eat PCB (printed curcuit board). You play an orange blob in this old puzzle game. Despite being an clone of the gameplay of Boulder Dash, I like this one more than the original. Collect all Infotrons and find the exits without dying.

#39: The "first part of the name of the game" Project is an independent global scientific organization, formerly a secret branch of the United Nations, dedicated to studying threats to humankind. It was founded in 1945, but was preceded by a number of other organizations, such as the Committee for the Study and Prevention of Species-Level Threats (Soviet Union, 1918-1927) and the "first part of the name of the game" Working Group (United States, 1935-1945). As the world is in peril by the mutating Pandoravirus, this organization rises from the ashes to protect the remaining survivors. This turn-based tactics is the spiritual successor of a 90s game, both created by the same guy.

#38: Turn-based or real-time? I can't decide in this fourth entry in the series. Fight in a war on a fictive continent which looks a lot like europe. Guessed by Zippy6.

#37: Red haired guy meets blue haired girl in his dreams.

#37: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana