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Mnementh said:
Zippy6 said:

People say it has aged very badly, I played origins for the first time this year though and managed to enjoy it despite it's age. Like all bioware RPG's I'm mainly there for the characters. I'm not sure I can say it's a game that everyone will enjoy, especially in 2021, but if you love RPG's it's worth giving a chance.

My backlog is immense though, I haven't played the Awakening expansion for this game, never played Dragon Age 2 and haven't played Mass Effect 2/3 either. So I can't even compare origins to most of bioware's other work.

What I would say is that despite this game releasing 2 years after Mass Effect if I didn't know that I'd assume Dragon Age released prior, it feels like an older title.

As I play older games, even ones I didn't play before sometimes 20/30 years after they released originally, I think I have no problem in this regard. I often care less about great graphics. On the contrary, I sometimes feel in this day and age developers rely too much on shiny graphics and forget deep engaging gameplay and also a soul to their games. Therefore I have no problem playing game with aged graphics, as long as it offers other qualities.

My problems with older games usually are less to do with graphics and more to do with user interface. New games are streamlined and easy to understand, old games are clunky and hard to navigate. This only really applies to RPG's and Strategy games.

is #38 Valkyria Chronicles?