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SKMBlake said:
EricHiggin said:

I think you meant XBOX instead of XB, or maybe XBOX ONE instead of XB1?

Have a look at the thread title as well as the pole title. Anything to say about that?

No no, I meant omitting only 1 letter from "Sony" to make it shorter.

From XBOX ONE to XB/XB1 --> from 7 to 2/3 = make sense

From SONY to SNY --> from 4 to 3 = doesn't make much sense

And about the title and the topic, nothing particular to say, it's full of wrong assertions at first:

1 letter isn't near enough to shorten but 2 is way too much and should? If 4 to 3 doesn't make much sense, then 4 to 2, like XBOX to XB wouldn't make sense either because 4 letter words shouldn't be shortened. Maybe I'm misunderstanding? Where is the cut off point exactly?

The title has Gamepass written in full, not GP, yet in the pole, PlayStation is shortened to PS.

I immediately found that odd when I first saw the thread, and then you questioned only me about shortening words and not the thread itself.

I found that odd as well.