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Watched No Time to Die with anticipation last week and.. well, I'm a little disappointed. Starts off really well in the first 20 minutes and then falls apart. The conclusion was also haphazard and meh end for Daniel Craig's Bond. Worth a watch though I don't rate as highly as the other films.

Also recently watched Dune. Which though a slower paced film, I loved. Not got around ever watching the original though its a good start to a saga. Visuals are amazing as is the acting. Can't wait for the sequel.

Series wise, not much. Tried watching Cowboy Bebop (Netflix's live action) and what a utter disgrace this is. John Cho though a decent B actor lacks all the charisma and energy of Spike. The action and choreography so bad and the rest of the cast was just horrible and cheesy. For those interested just stick with the anime and don't waste you time with this 'adaptation'.

Last edited by hinch - on 20 November 2021