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SKMBlake said:
EricHiggin said:

SNY also 'needed to directly respond to XB1 BC asap' with PS4, and they certainly didn't. They did their own thing and it worked wonders. They even launched PS5 without really doing anything about PS1-PS3 BC.

Heck, we just had XB announce even more BC games, and it seems that SNY still isn't too worried about it.

If anything, who needs SNY to respond is MS, because once SNY were to do that, it would extremely legitimize GP in the eyes of console gamers.

How much time do you actually spare by writing SNY instead of Sony ?

I think you meant XBOX instead of XB, or maybe XBOX ONE instead of XB1?

Have a look at the thread title as well as the pole title. Anything to say about that?