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Machina said:
Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

1) Well, I was writing about the discrepancy between welfare's NPD predictions and the VGC. Among other things, why is the Xbox only bigger? Will you answer that?

2) And the numbers that ZhugeEX and welfare gave about Xbox sales don't match the ampere , do they? Since it is 6.7million.

After all, what does VGC match with. 

1) It isn't only Xbox that's bigger; they're all bigger for October. Switch by 52k, PS5 by 28k, and XS by 99k - and our Switch figure ended up being much closer to NPD's in the end. 

Yep VGC had Switch USA numbers at about 712k in October, then Nintendo announces official figures that they sold 711k, so tracking for Switch was exceptional. So trusting Ampere's estimates that say Switch was over-tracked by 1.8m somehow as of September 30th doesn't seem like the right course without further information to back that up.

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