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Machina said:
Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

This is Welfare's Prediction for October NPD(left) and vgc October usa numbers(right).

[NSW] 650K : 712,755(9.5%↑)
[PS5] 300K : 328,466(9.3%↑)
[XBS] 200K : 299,407(49.5%↑)

Are you really affected by the predictions of WELFARE? And why is the Xbox only getting bigger? This seems to be a consistent trend, not just in October.

This firm's estimates are for the end of September LTD - 6.7 million sold for XS. 


Welfare's XS LTD (shipped, presumably) estimate - 8.3 million:


ZHuge's XS LTD sell-in estimate - 8+ million:


Will's VGC XS LTD sold estimate - 7.72 million. 

So that would leave around 300-500k on shelves for the Series ? Despite the Series S being widely available outside the us 

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