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Digital really started to take off on console last gen and it seems this gen could be when it just about fully takes over. Now there are digital editions making up a notable percentage of sales particularly the Series S making up nearly half of Xbox Series sales in the UK resulting in COD Vanguard having an astounding 90% digital share on Xbox there. While the digital share isn't as high on PS5 I expect it won't be that long till big releases on that reach the 90% mark as well there and other places over time and this could make it so massive titles like COD and FIFA never have over 10 million physical copies produced for them ever again before much longer.

An obstacle to this is Nintendo and Rockstar since the former has a much lower digital share though it is increasing fast and should become majority digital in a few years and both make games that sell so much that even a really low physical share could maybe still surpass 10 million in the 2030's for their top titles. Another obstacle is regions with relatively low digital shares like Japan but it's increasing in those places as well so despite those factors I think it's likely to happen this decade.

What decade do you all think is most likely?