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Azzanation said:
Zippy6 said:

Half Life Alyx WAS eligible, it didn't get enough votes to make it into the top 5. You are the under the misguided idea that highest metascore means it will get most nominations.

The nominations are made by the "entire editorial staff" of "over 100 media outlets". How many of these people played Half-Life Alyx? There's the limit on how many of these people can nominate it, it's a VR game so likely not that many. Next: how many of these people would pick it as their favourite game of the year? Note: Favourite game, not game they'd give the highest numerical score.

Here is how the nominees are chosen:

"Nominees for most categories of The Game Awards are chosen by an international jury of over 100 global media and influencer outlets, selected for their history of critical evaluation of video games.

Specialized juries also convene for other categories including esports and accessibility.

Each voting outlet completes a confidential, unranked ballot based on the collective and diverse opinion of its entire editorial staff, listing out its top five choices in each category.

Ballots are tabulated, and the five games that appear on the most ballots are put forth as nominees. In the event of a tie, six (or more) nominees will be announced in a category."

I am not saying Metascores is what wins GOTY, i never have and it never was the case. However it definitely helps to have the conversation. FH5 is the highest rated game this year and its not even eligible to be a nominee..

I dont believe in the system. I dont believe in these 100+ critics. I believe its all about putting games in the overall GOTY award that will make a splash in viewership to bolster the show, thats why we see Fortnite pop its head multiple times or Cyberpunk 2066. I dont care what they try to sell you in saying "we have 100 critics who vote" nonsense. Its no different to if EA came out and said we build true games for true gamers. Same crap, different bucket.

You cant have 2 years running where some of the best overall games don't get the nod for GOTY. If the critics havnt played those games than wtf is the point in having thier opinion? Its an award for the best game for that year, not a popularity contest which is what it seems to be.

Is so hard to believe the media outlets just choose action adventure because that's the most popular genre and the ones that appeals the most?

If the point was to bring in views, they would nominee anything that was highly popular like FIFA or COD. Instead we see indies