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Man, some of the discourse here is pretty...strange. I don't understand this 'it got the highest metacritic so it should be the game of the year' arguments. Like, review scores are often meant as a metric of how well it did something specific, Forza Horizon is an outstanding RACING game, but it's still just a racing game. that doesn't mean it's not great, it just means it's a bit more niche. It didn't and won't have the impact of a Death Loop or Returnal or Ratchet & Clank or Metroid Dread or It Takes Two.

It's such a strange phenomenon because, like, I do agree it was one of the best at what it did but just like sports titles it seems weird to give it a game of the year award. with no story, no characters, no real plot, just arcadey racing - even if it's GOOD arcadey racing - it makes perfect sense that it didn't leave as much of an impact even if it did review well.

I don't even like The Last of Us, but I agree with it winning because it was the most artistically bold, it was the best designed, it was the most creative and original, it was the one that was most daring. Forza Horizon 5 is a great racing game but I wouldn't nominate it for GOTY any more than Fifa 2022 or whatever football game is out. IT's just a refinement on a game genre that was mastered years ago. that makes it amazing, but impact matters and once Forza Horizon 6 comes out, nobody's gonna be talking about Forza Horizon 5. It's just an iterative take on an established franchise. That does matter.

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