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PAOerfulone said:
Dulfite said:

Yep, except now E3 has mostly become this segmented, safe video clip compilation rather than a live show, so I actually find the atmosphere of TGA more enjoyable, especially since you never know what's gonna happen in a live show. We've had some crazy things already happen live in TGA's past so I'm looking forward to more this year lol.

Of course!

I will never forget "Fuck the Oscars!"


That was such a legendary moment. Whether you agreed with him or not, that moment has been and will be referenced for years to come. I don't even remember why he was hating on the Oscars, I very much doubt it's the same reason I don't watch the Oscars, but what a way to go about that. Seeing Geoff cringe in horror, unable to stop that man was amusing in itself.