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eva01beserk said:
Dulfite said:

I actually thought the collective quality of this year was good, buy I can't think of any one game I'd say deserves to be Goty. Forza may be great, but it's still more or less what other racer games are except shinier. Halo Infinite is fun, but has some problems to sort out. Metroid Dread is fantastic, but plays pretty safe for what this genre rather than expanding it.  The rest don't stand out to me either. None of these games are TLOU, BOTW, Spider-Man, gow quality games.

Never expected it for the first year. But I really think a lot "good" is enough to be exited for a first year even if nothing "great". Last gen we had nothing "great" and only a couple of "good" like ine from each console. Wonderfull start I say. 

By last gen do you mean Wii U/3ds/vita/PS4/Xbox One? If so, you didn't think Spider-Man, Mario Kart 8, Zelda Botw (was a Wii U game originally before Switch was rushed out) were great? I'm sure there were at least some great games.

But yes, I do think this generation is starting off better. Took Switch a while to work through the Wii U Potts, but since then has produced some absolutely fantastic games and PS5/Series XS seem to be off to a great start as well.