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On a more serious note. Here is some positive news coming from the two stinkiest nations on earth. Environmentalist and China's Climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, meets with US politician John Kerrick to ink out a deal on cutting carbon and methane emissions across ten years while Xi Jinping and Biden insult each other like children. If these two countries could make themselves produce less stink, the world will be a better place, and the chance to secure a future for humanity and most multicellular organisms will improve.

There are lots of downvotes on the video, I can't figure out why. It seems that whenever there's good news from the US, there's a ton of downvotes on the video. But there are a lot of really nasty ghouls, like those Westboro Baptist Q'Anon types, who are so full of ignorance and hatred that they can't tolerate good news, and just want to see the whole world suffer and burn.

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