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Nice pics man! I like you. You always seemed to me like a "we can do it!" person, no matter what you started. Photography was always a distant hobby for me, and never quite got it why. A couple of years ago I realized that I suck at it, and only like cameras for purely technical reasons. It was a relief, to be honest, because I always felt bad, ever since, of how bad some of my pics came out. I still buy some oddball cameras now and then, but never use them much for real photography, just for weird pet projects. Example: I have several-bridge, superzoom cams that I use to take pics of bugs and tree trunks, and action cams to simply take some muddy, underwater pics, and get ecstatic when I spot a fish.

+1 for the car as well. I hate to admit it, but even though I have had a driver's license for around 5 years now, I have only now started to drive, and man, I love it. Every road trip I ever imagined, is now a possibility. Sure, I have something far more basic (VW Golf) but I just realized that I also kind-off like cars. Most deff going to buy a more serious 4x4 as soon as I feel like I can handle it.

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