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Kakadu18 said:

They should call it Xbox Series E.

XBSS $299 - 1080p/60

XBSE $399 - 1440p/60 (8TF, 12GB, 1TB) (disc drive to add value and differentiate it from PS5 DE?)

XBSX $499 - 4k/60

XBSY $499 - 5k/60 (2024 launch?)

The question would be how does MS fix the fact that they've been marketing XBSS as 1440p this entire time?

I don't see the point in upgrading the existing models. Price cuts asap is more important, but won't happen until after the chip shortage is over. If they're not entirely happy with the line up and feel there's gaps, then fill them with more options.

I'd also assume there's got to be more than a few unusable XBSX chips like the PS5 chips. Some of those unusable PS5 chips are being put in certain third party PC's now so they don't go to waste, so I don't know why MS couldn't also use the poor XBSX chips in an XBSE.