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mZuzek said:

It's been weird for me too. I was trying to add an image a couple weeks ago, it was an imgur link, and whenever I clicked on 'update', not only would it not work, but it actually broke the whole site for a long time, like 30 minutes or so. Only for me, I think. But still.

Machina said:

If you open the image itself in a new tab the link it generates is all weird. Save the image to your PC as an ordinary .jpg file and upload that. As long as the image size isn't too big it should work.

I forgot you could upload images directly here so trying it again now, it seemed to work, until I saw that the signature now looks empty. Going back to edit it, turns out it was replaced by some massive code. Will try a couple other things, I guess.

That was exactly what happened to me. The file size is the issue it seems.