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Just today I decided to not play The Binding of Isaac anymore.

I played this game for years. I unlocked everything in Afterbirth+ which isn't an easy feat. You have characters like The Lost with no health and instant death. I got through everything and beat Delirium with every character and what not.

Then came the Repentance DLC along. I got that maybe 4 weeks ago and was thrilled for all the new stuff. But the alternate path is just too much. I died 30 times in a row. Got to the final boss, mother, a few times but couldn't beat it. You get hit so often with no possible way to dodge. You get hit by stuff you can't see. You get way less health than in AB+ and the enemy projectiles fly faster than before.
It also feels like you only get shitty items now. Not even one time did I get the Guppy tranformation. Not one single time did I get brimstone. Nothing. Oh, and brimstone was nerfed because the devs hate the players or something.

I can't beat this crap even with Isaac so far. It will only get harder from here. Trying to beat the game with The Lost or The Keeper would be a major pain in the ass. It is possible, I know that. But you basically just wait for an OP run and die countless times in between. That's not my understanding of fun. So I won't touch the game again, it's pretty much dead to me. Which is a shame, because otherwise the DLC is sweet. The new graphics are great, the soundtrack is great, I can't complain. But all that is useless when the game itself isn't fun anymore. And it's not like Isaac was exactly an easy game before. The devs overshot the difficulty big time.

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