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yvanjean said:

Shouldn't you amend your physical form policy when the game is Online only. 

Why? I have ESO on 2 different platforms, physical discs and I'm still able to lend those out to family members who want to try it out without having to purchase it or Gamepass.

I'm not sure what it is you're trying to get at, but allow me to at least clear some of this up before this thread if further derailed.  I wanted to show my support for Forza Horizon 5 by saying I would be purchasing it.  I don't have gamepass, nor do I need convincing on purchasing it.  I do have some digital games that I got with the Games with Gold monthly's that were free.  I also recently got 3 of the Assassins Creed on a weekly sales special (digital) to try out because they were so cheap.  As far as a game that can only be purchased online only, I have Torchlight 1 & 2.  I will get Diablo 2 but I'm in no hurry for it.  

Since I don't have Game Pass, I should have not commented on my Forza purchase because of it not directly related to the OP.  Sorry @smroadkill15

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