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xPhenom08x said:

That was not my conclusion, I even mention people liking those free games. I'm free to have an opinion just like you. Just because you like those features and I don't care for them doesn't mean Nintendo has to add them. If I had to choose between paying 60 and no family plan or 5 dollars with a family plan then I'll take the 5 dollar plan. If Nintendo added those features then they would likely jack up the price and no the expansion is not jacking up the price since it's optional.

The lack of chat can be annoying but personally I can't say I'm willing to pay more for it. Whom am I talking to? Someone I know personally I can call lol, they then don't have to be tethered to their console. Teammates I can use the in game chat. 

Game invites exist on Switch and no I don't want the ability to just join a friends game lol. That is so invasive it's embarrassing, why can't you wait for my invite? Don't just join my game like playstation allows. Nintendo better never add that nonsense, improving the game invites function would be better. 

Not going to speak on your experience with the cloud saves for those games. Cloud saves works for like every other game, just cherry picking the handful for your arguement doesn't help. Also your experience could be due to user error so that's not on Nintendo. 

Connection issues exist for all of them. I see just as many disconnects in Overwatch on Playstation. People leaving matches isn't on Nintendo. Smash I have experienced the same but again cherry picking one game is nonsense, it's the game and it's servers not Nintendos entire network. Mario Kart works great.

Your family plan excuses are bullshit, I can literally take your email right now and add you. You could easily join a family plan and it truly is why I prefer Nintendo over them.  Sony doesn't have the balls because they saw what happened with free online multiplayer vs all that "value" you got with paid psn. No one cared because no one cares about that stuff you guys claim has so much value. That's why Sony had to highjack online multiplayer. Remove online multiplayer and watch psn drop users like no tomorrow. 

I think there is a lot os misconceptions going on here: There is no reason to increase the price over features because their costs are mainly from development, not maintenance. It's basically the costs of minor software development and is like a grain of sand in a beach compared to true development costs, if they use some standard features as a reason to increase the prices I will but laugh at the excuse to fool anyone who doesn't understand a thing about software development. Seems exactly the kind of thing Nintendo would do though I digress

Seems like you are mixing the prices with PSN and NSO because you somewhat thinking the costs to hold multiplayer servers and develop multiplayer features is the reason why they are asking additional money. You are fatally wrong, PSN prices are set mainly to recover the money they spend for performance rights for the games they add monthly, you are seeing Nintendo suffering from this with their new plan that also include Sega Games, although the value proposition of new subscription upgrade is indeed laughable compared to PSN. Granted both Sony and Nintendo are just exploring their fans because in the end of day there is no reason to charge for online, Sony at least give us a quality connection and some free games I would otherwise not play

Great they worked for "every other game", but when I needed them, It didn't worked for me period (and in the games I found the most important, because they were infinite games, not single player campaigns you cannot retain or progress), it's totally unacceptable there is no easier and seamless cloud save for games that are BUILD on time progression and do not reset, why can't I just download an Animal Crossing save from cloud like I do with most of games? 

I can only cherry pick games I've played because that's on what my experience is based. I play Crash Team Racing, Street Fight V, Dark Souls 3, Monster Hunter World and Civ VI. All them works well and smooth, the only Nintendo games that works as well is, as I said, Mario Kart 8, Among Us and Fortnite (ok, this one I've played for only 6 hours, but was nice still). The games that annoyed me with bad online on PS4 were FF XIV and Dauntless, that games that annoyed me in Switch where Smash, Splatoon 2, Animal Crossing and Ninjala. So far my multiplayer experience with PS4 has been comfortably better, and that's it. I tried CTR on Switch to compare how it plays compared to PS4, but unfortunately I've not found any match. Maybe I should try Dauntless, it's also free on Switch

As for family plan, dude, do you want me to find random people online and give my email so we can share bills? Seems like you have a weird standard of what you find intrusive

- Joining your gamming session? Totally intrusive 

- Sharing a subscription account with people you only know online? Oh that's neat, count me in