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I'm with OP here, I never understood this either. Bad connection is not a Nintendo only thing, that happens on the other consoles as well, but this gets comfortably swept under the rug. That's a double standard that gets blindly repeated without any critical thinking.

Voice chat is insanely overrated and terribly unneccessary, I couldn't care less. However, like OP already mentioned, there are indeed many games that feature this, but let's ignore that for the sake of complaning.

Okay, some people love trophies, some people on the other hand look behind them and see no value at all. I am from the second group. To me, trophies are useless filler to stretch boring games that should rather stretch themselves naturally by good game design instead of obnoxious and out of bund tasks that no regular player would do otherwise. However, many games from Nintendo have some sort of in-game trophy system as well 'but, yeah, that's just not the same thing at all!'

Chats and communities were a thing with Miiverse, which was great and I loved it so much, but sadly it doesn't exist anymore. However, Nintendo didn't end it just because, they ended it because trolls kept posting inappropriate shit and thought they were funny. Congrats, trolls! Let's thank these idiots for all the laughs, they sure make up for the removal of Miiverse. Bratty behavior like this is why we can't have nice things.

Do family plans, people. Even if you're only two members, you already save money. It's also really super simple.

@ZyroXZ2: '...and the mobile app also pales in comparison to the Xbox mobile app which DIRECTLY allows me to save screenshots and video captures to my phone if I want to just send it to friends privately. Yea, that means Xbox's servers also host your screenshots and video captures...'

You CAN transfer screenshots to your phone with the Switch, this was implemented in an update. So that means Nintendo's servers also host your screenshots and video captures.