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Yeah, if you're going to watch Dark definitely binge all 3 seasons at once.

Ever since watching Squid Game half my recommendations on Netflix have been K-Dramas (a genre I never dabbled in before). One I watched through was Alice, which is like Dark in many ways, but only made me appreciate Dark more. The first half or so had me quite interested, but it really fell off afterwards and the last couple episodes made it feel almost pointless. Trying to compare it to Dark, I could only say it has more problematic incest, ten times the melodrama and one tenth the intelligence. Also more endings than Lord of the Rings.

Watched season 3 of You. Pretty much everything I was hoping for, maybe the most fun season so far. I liked the ending, but I was surprised they went that route already. Feels like the series may have already peaked and I'm not quite as excited for the next.