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Cobretti2 said:
curl-6 said:

DARK (Netflix)

Just finished the final episode. After three seasons of absolutely brilliant setup, I was really nervous that the finale couldn't possibly fulfil the potential of the intricate and ambitious web the show had woven up to that point. Thankfully, I was wrong. It came together masterfully, and with unforgettable poignancy, cementing its position as one of the best TV shows I've ever seen.

Season 1 was brilliant but then I ran out of time to keep up with it. Glad to see some positive feedback. Guess I have to add it back into schedule.

You probably want to start over. I watched the seasons when they came out, was confused in season 2, more confused in season 3 about who was who again and what happened before. I don't remember the ending of season 3, just remember being confused and ready for it to be done. Season 1 was excellent, but I guess you need to watch them right after the other unless you have perfect memory :)