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Alistair said:
Zippy6 said:

The RRP of the OLED switch is $450 in Canada.

The RRP of the PS5 is $629.99 ($499.99 for digital).

And you might hate the joycons but plenty of people have no issue using them for tv gaming. I think they're fine used detached. I don't use the grip thingie though I think that's trash.

low-end hardware you can make a case for but the rest of your post is... yikes.

No, nobody uses the joycons if they have a choice. Every person I know with a Switch hates them. Yikes. The Switch costs $450 CAD plus tax which is $504, a ridiculous sum when the SNES was $200 and had two controllers and Super Mario World included. 

Apparently you can't read. I said the PS5 with a real controller vs. Switch with a real controller, which it is. $500 for the PS5 digital, $540 plus tax for the Switch. Everyone wants the PS5 digital, but they can't get one.

playing with split joycons is actually really comfortable IMO. also prevents wrist strain in the right positons