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curl-6 said:
Norion said:

If that ratio stays the same and number of consoles between the two is similar to previous gens we would see about a 70m/100m split. The former is a big if though.

I'd be shocked if PS5 sells as low as 100m. Even with supply constraints it's outpacing the PS4, I see no reason at this point why it would sell less lifetime. I expect the PS + Xbox base will grow this gen to accommodate two systems both hotter than their predecessors.

The reason would be Xbox taking back some market share. It's only outpacing the PS4 a bit so far so it doing 10-20 million less lifetime is possible with a stronger competitor this time though I do think around 100m is the low end of what the PS5 could sell. It's also possible it still does a similar amount or even a tad better despite that but I do think the latter would require the console base to grow and with how stable it's been I don't think it would grow by that much if it did. I could see something like 60m/130m happening as well but I'd be surprised if the total reached 200m.

Last edited by Norion - on 13 October 2021